Starting the Conversation

This professionally produced 13 minute video by Justice Options for Women is a dramatic portrayal of a friend-to-friend conversation acknowledging abuse and expressing concern. The purpose is to guide family, friends and neighbours to "start the conversation" and get information and support to help.

This video was designed for an adult audience (18+) to support family and friends to reach out to a person living in an abuse situation. We want to avoid having children feeling responsible to take steps to end the abuse. Children need to speak with a trusted adult who can take steps for safety for all family members.

If you find this video difficult to watch because of personal experience, support is available. See contact information for Family Violence Outreach Workers and Victim Services on this information sheet. If you are showing this video to a group, it is important to understand that someone in your audience may be deeply affected because of personal experience. It is our strong recommendation that you invite an Outreach Worker or a Victim Services Worker to support you as you share this information with your audience. If you are viewing this video in another province or country, contact your local women's shelter or victim services for information and support.

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